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Mac Book

Jed wrote this long review of the Macbook with links to other reviews and articles. I've actually been contemplating buying a Macbook after years of PCs. Why? The keyboard. We have a laptop, but with my movement disorder, I tend to bang the keys and with the newer laptops, the keys fly off. I've already popped off two of the keys of the laptop we have. You can reattach the keys, but they're never quite the same. C suggests bringing a separate keyboard, but the point of a laptop for me is to go to a cafe or someone's house and sit at a table and write. A laptop and a keyboard hogs far more than my fair share. It also just won't fit on many smaller cafe tables.

Yesterday I saw an ad on tv that said the new Macbook has keys in individual slots so the keys don't fly off. That would solve my keyboard problem to the tune of over a thousand dollars. But thanks to the old lady, we're about to be flush with cash. And I'll have to make it a goal to earn the money back in writing money. I'm about to earn my first $200. At my current rate, it will take me years, but I have to start somewhere. :)