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Thanks to Mary Anne who suggested getting together and writing in a cafe, I wrote for the first time in days. I reread and edited the first chapter of my first non-fiction book. I love my book. I read it and I teared up, because it's the book I desperately wanted to read. With luck, a good agent and a good editor, etc, it will be a book that others will want to read and find very helpful. That's my aim. But in the end I can only write what I know. Thinking about writing is much more scary than just sitting down and writing. Thinking about writing allows me to get all nervous and scared. I worry I will fail. I worry I will be exposed. I worry about looking stupid. When I write, I'm writing, so I'm not scared. I'm writing. So I'm back to my writing quota. It worked for me, because it just got me to sit down and write. I had forgotten that.

So 500 words tomorrow. It's a Saturday. Hard to do with the kids. We'll see how much I get done.