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I missed reading to benefit SLF/SHF to attend Special K's first ever dance recital. Good choice. Special K was a total star. She dressed in a red leotard with sequins and a tutu, black tights and tap shoes. She danced to "Take A Little One Step". She knew most of the steps. The first part she took the lead of her friend Sylvia then the second part, she led. I was so proud of her.

She definitely felt a little nervous the day before. She said "There's too much dancing." and "I don't know the steps, except if my friends are there." I said "You just need to dance it one more time. You danced it a lot so you know it. And your friends will be there."

For Little T we tried two boluses last night of 190ml at 300ml/hour. It seemed to work okay. He refluxed a bit in the morning. The feed ended at around 4:30am. He's still not eating in the morning.