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Special K had her 4 year checkup. She's 30.5lb (25 percentile) and 39" (35%). Her vision is 20/40. Her hearing is normal. Of course I expect her checkup to be normal. Yet it was nice to go into the doctor's office and have them say "everything's normal".

Little T's tumor is still shrinking. His latest hemo apt was postponed to 2.5 weeks and his numbers were nice and normal. His next hemo apt won't be for a month. Last his tumor shrank, he got a horrid rash on his left arm. Last time, it was a yeast infection. So we treated it with Nystatin. This time, it did nothing. So I took him to his ped who said it was eczema. Last time we thought it was eczema and it turned out to be a yeast infection. So this time we got steroid cream. Now it's healing, though still rather red.

Little T continues to vomits a lot with reflux. We're prolly going to switch him to stronger reflux medicine. Sorta reluctant to though. I forget why Prilosec was bad except that it was. I kinda blocked it out. I remember that we had to feed it to him orally with the NG tube, but it caused something else bad too. He's teething, so we're hoping his reflux will get better when it's over. Lots of teething means lots of crying and fussiness. I worry until I make sure it's just teething and not something more serious. He's normally such a happy baby.

Our house in Oakland is finally ready for sale and the first open house will be on Mother's Day.

I got to level 40 on World of Warcraft and I promised myself I'd start writing again after that. Though the rest of the family still needs my time and energy a lot. And I continue to be in crisis management mode. Still I have a deadline of May 20.


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May. 8th, 2006 03:45 am (UTC)
Go Special K! Keeping my fingers crossed for the next appointment for T. We have the eczema battle still too. We had to switch to aquaphor when the steroid started burning her skin.

I hit 60 on WoW and, with it, burn out. Take your time! It's dull in the end!
May. 8th, 2006 08:13 am (UTC)
I'm so glad little T's tumor is still shrinking. That's excellent news! It sounds like it's worth trying the stronger reflux medicine? He's on so many meds I have no idea what the interactions might be, but is it actually worse than the stress (for him) of throwing up all the time?

And I'm glad you had a reassuring doctor's visit for Special K.

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