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Mostly good news

Little T's platelets were his best ever at 261. Even after two rather painful attempts, the lab tech wasn't able to get a good enough draw for fibrinogen. Poor guy has a lot of scar tissue around his veins now. His tumor continues to shrink overall. In fact in some places his left arm is now smaller than his right. Unfortunately his hemo doc still thinks it's creeping up his shoulder. We'll decide next week whether to proceed with radiation therapy. She thinks not right now. We hope not.

We went to two lovely parties this weekend. For the first time in months Little T was allowed to go and reveled in meeting people. The nicest part was seeing folks at giandujabird's wedding reception that I hadn't seen in ages. Funnily enough exokam commented to me at the beginning that she was amazed at how many people she knew. Initially I brushed it off, since I already know that giandujabird is a nexus, even if she denies it. :) However after a while I realised I had met almost everyone there on giandujabird's side at least once. That's worth remarking upon, because I met giandujabird after college.
Special K and mirandatime who's in fact 2, but who already has her own LJ (kept by her mama) had "cuteness wars" dancing together. I'll put some photos eventually or check over there for some.

Little T also went to a playdate on Monday. He played Legos where the 4yr and 6 yr built towers and he took them and tried to put them back on the lego table. He pretended to eat and drink at "a tea party". The 4 year old also gave him various toys which he threw down on the ground then they both laughed. Apparently this game was hilarious, because it went on for several minutes. I've never seen anything quite like it. Special K was still warming up, but he just dived right in with a big smile and a noise that isn't quite "hi", but is recognizable by anyone as a greeting. He plays with his sister, and I'd never really thought much about it, but he'd never met these kids before or been to the house before. The nurses at the NICU used to say "he's so engaging" while ironically I worried a lot that his NICU experience was retarding him socially. Now he can say about five words, he can't walk, he doesn't really eat, he can't use his left arm, but he's got remarkable social skills, so I guess my boy will do just fine.


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Apr. 12th, 2006 10:35 pm (UTC)
Wow. That sounds like such a fun party, and playdate, also. It's great to see both of them getting out and having fun together.

I know the throw-down-the-toy game. It's hours of fun. :o)
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