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Shopping leads to sickness?

The week started out well. On Monday I accomplished a major feat which might seem minor to those who don't understand our situation -- I took Little T (and Special K) shopping. I had a shopping cart seat cover though it didn't cover the entire seat. Funny how I used to snigger at moms who had them. And I used hand sanitizer to sanitize the handle and sides of the cart that Little T might touch. Special K said she wouldn't hand him anything and she didn't. We managed to go to three stores including Trader Joe's. At TJ's, a lady gushed at Little T "What a sweet little baby! That face sure would brighten my day every day." I smiled and said "He sure does." And in fact Little T was really smiley and good and not grabbing at everything, so I could actually shop and not sanitize my hands every 5 seconds to prevent him from grabbing stuff. It was so so nice.

But maybe I paid for it later. This morning Little T threw up twice. Unfortunately throwing up once is usual for him, but twice not so much. And poor Special K said her stomach hurt and threw up also. And fortunately she rarely throws up.


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Mar. 15th, 2006 06:48 pm (UTC)
Wow, that's amazing that you managed to get to three different stores. It takes me forever to do that with two healthy kids who are neither babies nor toddlers. Kudos.
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