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Thida stress-o-meter

With the beginning of the new month and a new moon, I started reading about writing and I edited something today. I may even start writing today. I know things are really bad when I stop writing. I'm not sure if I feel that much better, but I think reading about Octavia Butler's death really jarred me. I've always thought I had plenty of time to write, but maybe I don't. Who knows how long any of us have on this earth? And while I think it's natural for me to feel stressed out with what's going on, I think I had just been accepting not writing rather than seeing it a sign of severe stress. So I've now mentally added 'not writing' to the stress column. A difference in my head that doesn't change what I do day to day right now since I'm trying my best to destress. But it will change what I do in the future as I ride this rollercoaster, because 'not writing' seems to be one of the leading indicators of the Thida stress-o-meter.



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Mar. 1st, 2006 11:37 pm (UTC)
Great icon!

Follow your bliss.
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