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I've been struggling with writing my novel. I haven't written about it, because mostly it's a lot of whining about how HARD it is.

The other day I read sarah_prineas excellent post about "living the dream" and well I realized I hadn't actually read any of her books. I don't know Sarah from a stone, but apparently some of my friends do, which is how I friended her on LJ. At least on LJ, Sarah seems like a very nice person, so I was half afraid to read lest I be disappointed. I was very wrong.

The Magic Thief is captivating. I read it in between packing for the wedding, just had to finish it before we left. I just love Conn. His plucky nature reminded me of the characters in books I loved as a girl. Yet Conn's a thoroughly modern boy who refuses to be anyone's servant.

The world's so captivating that Special K has been collecting locus magicalicus and getting Little T to join in. She hides under the bed sheets with Little T to pretend she's in Twilight.
Little T 2

Little T's surgery went well

Thanks for all your well wishes. I think they helped.  

Little T's fistula was closed with only a little bleeding. 

The hospital has a new outpatient surgery area with many nice new features.  In particular they have a doll, a mask and other OR equipment to put on the doll. And a 'Child Life' person to help talk to him about it.  I think it made the whole experience so much easier for him.  The anesthesiologist said that he "was very brave.  He let the mask be put on and tried to tell them how he smelled then fell asleep."

In fact he had his smoothest experience yet in the OR.  So smooth that they sent him home after a couple hours. 

Little T asked for spaghetti for dinner and ate it.

We're so relieved and proud of our little boy.  And thankful to the nurses and doctors.


I am now at
Thanks to bibliogrrl 

I ported over my LJ to there and crosspost entries, but I'm still not quite what dreamwidth is really all about other than the fact that I've already paid my money to LJ.

If you're on dreamwidth and I don't know, please comment here.

Now I have two had Dreamwidth invite codes to give away but they're gone now.

Perhaps everyone has one, but if you reply in comments with your email address, I'll send you an invite.

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Little T's surgery

I had written a thing about Little T's surgery.  Then someone was at the door, so Tovi woofed and I jerked and somehow hit the back button on the browser and when I came back it was no more.

Perhaps it's a sign.

Long and short is that Little T's surgery will be on Tuesday.  It could be complicated by his complicated medical history.  He'll almost certainly have to stay overnight.

We have to take him off baby aspirin for a few days.  I'm very nervous about it, because in the past just a day off aspirin and his arm has swelled and the sanguine pink mottles on his arm have changed to angry red.  Little T calls it "the red monster" and says it hurts.

I'd really appreciate good vibes and well wishes.


I hope Mori is a picky eater

My 13 year old cat Mori has lost over a pound.  You can feel every verterbrae in his spine.  He'd let Psephe eat his food, so Psephe was getting fat.  He's the more dominant cat, so this seemed odd.  He was also eating very slowly.

So we took him to the vet.   The vet tested his blood and urine and gave him an exam.  $300 later the vet found nothing.

The next step would be searching for cancer.

Later we remember that Mori had lost weight before when we switched his cat food. Doh!

So I'm praying that Mori is just super picky in his old age and would rather get super thin than eat Evo.  Supposedly a better cat food, but not according to Mori.  We bought his old cat food again, Innova.

Last night Mori was eating bit more quickly. Psephe walked close to him and Mori squared his shoulders and Psephe didn't even try to eat his food. Go grumpy old man!

CERT Training

Last night I started CERT Training aka Community Emergency Response Team or folks who are trained to help in a disaster.  It's something I thought was a good idea, but never did because I thought that perhaps I needed to be more physically fit..

Then a fellow CC grad posted how he took CERT training and he was going to do communications work.  It was a light bulb moment for me to realize that a person who can keep calm and think things through in an emergency is a valuable asset. I did life guard training when I was a teen and unfortunately I've been through my share of medical emergencies with my son.  I can be nervous anticipating things, but in true emergencies I am just very calm.  I think the training has helped, but it's just how I'm wired.  I just get into this zone where I just think about what needs to be done now.
Next week we're hearing a lecture from my friend Kam about medical triage.

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We have fences!  They are bare.  There was a lot of dead jasmine and wild potato in front of the living blooming vines.  It's a shame it all had to be cut down, but it will grow back much prettier.

We've never had a leaf blower back here before.  We have paths now.  They're narrow but not covered with redwood cones and needles.  

Reading to Tovi

Today for the first time in a couple months I went to Special K's classroom.   Most of her classmates read to me in Spanish.   It was wonderful to see the progress some of them had made and disheartening to see one seemed about the same as when I left him.  Well  I guess he needs me.  He had made progress when he read to me almost every day.

A few kids petted Tovi while they read. Tovi remained focused and had excellent eye contact.  She's started to look to me when there's distractions. I brought kibble and rewarded her a lot.

Tovi also ran back to me this morning twice despite the lure of chasing a cat.  Her recall is generally excellent.